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Nov 15, 2009 6:00pm EST
.ñrÑiçóçóÑiÑiÑi obama will seeÑi chinese firsthi meets with chinese students onÑi monday. china has refused to broadcast the event onñr national tv despr requests. the economy will be the sourceÑi of thei greatest tension here.Ñi the preg open its marketsÑi to u.s.ñr gor but with chinaúhtlh ofñr billions ofçó dollars in uó powerless to forceÑi china'sñr . during a speech in japan, the president set >> no one nation can meetñr the challenges ofñ alonezq china willñr both be better offr when we are able to meet them together. >> the president will do more tr nuclear weaponsÑi programsÑiÑi i korea andÑiÑi iran, both close a allies.ñr earlier sunday atçó an economic conference in singapore, andñr r showed impatience withÑi iran's failure to halt nuclearÑiÑi weai development. >> we are now running out of time. >> both men suggestepi that if how long theirñr patience will last. tháhpresident also had tough words for theñrñr brutal militai government of myanmarñlwith that nation's prime ministeri in cloe prom similarity.Ñk including aung san suu kyi, the nobel prize winningÑi
Nov 29, 2009 6:00pm EST
facing president obama, including his the many challenges facing president obama, including his sagging poll numbers. caused by a completely blocked artery, be a very busy week for president president obama. with a speech on tuesday explaining his strategy in afghanistan, the senate beginning debate on the health care bill and a scheduled job summit. that all may be taking a toll on the president's popularity, which has sunk below the 50% mark. this according to the latest gallup daily tracking poll. joining me to discuss the president's situation are senior political correspondents jeff greenfield here in new york and john dickerson in washington. good evening. >> good evening. >> mitchell: jeff, how concerned should the white house be about these poll numbers? >> here's what history says for the last 40-something years, when a president's approval rating drops below 50%, his party loses an average of 41%, which is exactly the margin the democrats have in the house. they also have to be concerned that wavering democrats in congress looking at those numbers may be less inclined to follo
Nov 1, 2009 6:00pm EST
-election, new jersey governor corzine is hoping president obama's popularity in the garden state will rub off on him. >> we need leaders who are committed to moving new jersey forward. and that's john corzine, which is why you need to work hard on tuesday. >> reporter: last november the president won new jersey by 15 points. but the latest polls show corzine in a dead heat with republican challenger chris christie. while supporters of the independent chris dagget appear to be shifting to christie. >> i'm not ready to give up yet. i'm ready to fight. >> reporter: president obama's political clout is also being tested in virginia. he has campaigned twice for democrats, but the latest polls show him trailing the republican by double digits. >> cr has been there for the people of virginia. he needs you to be there for him. >> reporter: tuesday's election may not be good news for democrats w. the outlook in new jersey ify and in virginia dismal, the advisors are already in spin mode, denying this election is a referendum on mr. obama. >> whatever the results are, i don't they they for tend a lot i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)